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Jul 01 +++ Oral Presentations on Real Media Video +++
Select presentations of your specific interest,
download the digitized video sequences
onto your hard disk, and review the most interesting
oral presentations at your desk

Jun 01 +++ Download Final Program +++
The Final Program is now available for
in PDF-format (1.2 MBytes).

Jun 01 +++ Gala Banquet +++
Due to the high number of registered participants a new location
for our Gala Banquet has been chosen.
'Intersection Outer Space - a moving night at the Mercedes Welt'

Apr 01 +++ Download Final Program Preview +++
A Final Program Preview file has been generated and
is now available for download
in PDF-format.

Apr 01 +++ Presentation Guidelines +++
Guidelines for oral and poster abstract presentation have been published.

Apr 01 +++ Exit & Thanks +++
The 'exit' page now links to important upcoming events and expresses
our thanks to all people involved in selecting the scientific program.

Mar 01 +++ Program Update +++
An updated
schedule-at-a-glance page linking to program information
and full-length abstracts has been published.

Feb 01 +++ New Phone and Fax Numbers +++
Due to an upgrade of our telephone system, phone and fax numbers
of the Administrative Office have been changed:

New Phone +49-30/4505-52 600
Fax +49-30/4505-52 960

Feb 01 +++ Online Registration +++
Congress Partner went online with our registration pages.
They provide secure server lines, so you don't have to worry too much.

Jan 01 +++ Abstract Submission Closed +++
We received quite a high number of abstracts, and more than 96% of
submissions were received online. We appreciate your enthusiasm.
The Abstract Submission Module is now closed for new abstracts,
however, you can still review your abstracts and edit your contact address.

Dec 00 +++ Homepage Update +++
Travel and sightseeing information has been added to the Berlin page.
Also the formal invitation for this congress has been posted.

Nov 00 +++ Online Abstract Submission +++
This module will guide you through the whole process of abstract writing,
and you will not need any word processing software.
start using the module early to make yourself familiar.

Nov 00 +++ Registration Fees +++
Registration fees and cancellation policies have been published.
Also, proposed schedule has been updated.

Nov 00 +++ Deadlines and Room Rates +++
In preparation of the second announcement, deadlines and
room rates have been published.

00 +++ One more hotel added +++
Due to increasing interest in our congress,
more rooms have been blocked.

Jan 00 +++ ILTS 2001-Website, version 3.0 +++
The name of the congress has been changed to Joint Meeting
of ILTS, ELTA, and LICAGE. Therefore, the design was changed
once again, and preliminary topics, programs, and abstract information
were posted.

Nov 99 +++ ILTS 2001 E-Card international version +++
Alert your colleagues worldwide! Send an ILTS 2001 E-Card.
(courtesy ExpoMedia Marketing)

Aug 99 +++ ILTS 2001-Website, version 2.0 +++
Our website presents itself in a new design in Pittsburgh.

May 99 +++ ILTS 2001-Website, version 1.1 +++
The website with major additions has been launched.
See our new locations map, or visit our schedule-at-a-glance.

Mar 99 +++ Visit us at ILTS 1999, Pittsburgh +++
Please visit our booth in Pittsburgh.

Dec 98 +++ ILTS 2001 U.S./North America +++
For your convenience feel free to contact the Local
Organizing Comitee (Olaf Guckelberger) in Boston, MA
until summer 2000. Closed by July 15, 2000!

Dec 98 +++ First Announcement of ILTS 2001 +++
will be mailed by fall 1999.

Dec 98 +++ Sixth Congress of the ILTS +++
will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 21-23, 2000.
Deadline for abstract submission: December 15, 1999

Dec 98 +++ Fifth Congress of the ILTS +++
will take place in Pittsburgh, August 26-29, 1999.

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Copyright © by Olaf Guckelberger, 1999 - 2001
Charité, Campus Virchow-Klinikum
Department of Surgery
Berlin, Germany

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